Excellence in Grandfather Clock Repair

Welcome to Davis Clock Services, where the art of grandfather clock repair is our specialty. Each timepiece tells a unique story, and our mission is to ensure it continues to resonate within your home. With precise skill and dedicated care, we bring longevity and renewed splendor to your cherished heirlooms. Trust in our expertise for a service that goes beyond repair — it’s a commitment to preserving history.

Our Services

Modern Grandfather Clocks

Revitalize your contemporary timekeeper with our precise repair services, merging modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship.

Antique Clocks

Our delicate touch breathes new life into antique clocks, honoring their history while restoring their timeless elegance.

Proper Set-up

Ensuring the correct setup of your clock is crucial, as it lays the foundation for accurate timekeeping and enduring performance.

Local Business

Nestled in the heart of central Ohio, we’re a proud, self-owned business serving our community’s horological needs.

One-Stop Shop

From meticulous repairs to detailed restorations, we’re your all-inclusive destination for grandfather clock care.


Empower your clock care with our comprehensive DIY FAQs, blending expertise with self-sufficiency.


Discover the stories of time well kept through the glowing reviews of our satisfied clientele.

Our Team

Greg Davis

My journey through the corridors of time began in my parents’ clock store, where I spent my high school evenings and college weekends amidst the comforting tick-tock of myriad timepieces. This early exposure to the world of horology not only honed my skills but also charted the course of my future. Marriage in my junior year of college led me to Florida, where job scarcity inspired ingenuity. Our spare bedroom transformed into a workshop, marking the inception of Davis Clock Services in 1974. Initially a beacon for the retail furniture and department store industries, it was here that I melded trade with tradition, servicing those seeking both expertise and answers in the intricate world of clocks.

Jenny Davis

Alongside her feathered companion Einstein, is the welcoming voice of Davis Clock Services. Her warm demeanor and organizational prowess ensure that your calls are answered and appointments are scheduled with the utmost care. Together, Jenny and Einstein are not just the first point of contact but also the harmonious rhythm that keeps the heart of Davis Clock Services beating.

“Greg, What a nice touch of wonderful! Thank you so much for all you did to make my clock work. I really appreciate your hard work!”

Barb, South Charleston, OH

Schedule Service

Service area includes: Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee and western Virginia.

By Appointment Only

We work out of our home, by appointment only, so contact us by E-Mail or phone to set an appointment.




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